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no one pays attention to it? lol, Q's and A's are posted daily on here.
I just meant I thought it'd get more replies/attention if it were bolded.. :P

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what you described sounds normal in any manual car, is it your first manual? might be more noticeable in cars with stronger engines than ones with small ones though. and it also might be caused by CDV, but that's just a guess
Yup, it's my first manual. I pretty much taught myself on it. Was rough the first couple days, pretty smooth sailing after that except for a few idiosyncrasies here & there that I'm adjusting to (like the one described here)

I'm removing my CDV soon, just haven't gotten around to it.. I have the modded one from Zeckhausen racing already. Need to take it to someplace thatll do it for me.

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ruxp is feeling the relatively harsh effect of engine braking in 1st gear. If you suddenly let off the gas in 1st gear, there will be a bit of lurching by the car and the passengers. Obviously, the effect of engine braking is much more noticeable in 1st than any other gear because of the gear ratio.
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i was taught by a friend of mine that when ur in a situation like that, like say ur in LA traffic or any ridiculous traffic you gotta push the throttle very lightly and take ur foot off very lightly to avoid that jerking motion, it hurts ur car in the long run

thanks guys