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Let me try and boil it down for you

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Normally, the use of "socialist nanny state agenda" would raise the big red flag that you're one of those uninformed haters, but since you're new, I'd like to hear what you've concocted in your mind about what you think Obama has done, and what "direction" you think he's taking things.

I'll even give you a head start:
It's not taxes, because other than the federal tobacco tax (raised in about every state as well), he hasn't raised a single tax, rather he's lowered them.

It's not healthcare reform, as there's no added gov't-run services, and requiring that people stop freeloading and pay into their health insurance is the opposite of socialist, plus it's been implemented already in Massachusetts by the repub who wants to be prez.

So what exactly is socialist? I'd argue that you don't love this country, because here we are on a BMW forum, and you're trying to pull one over on your fellow citizens. That sure sounds like treason to me.
Its none of the FEDERAL governments business what kind of car I drive, whether I am a member of a labor union, what kind of light bulb I want to buy, if I have health care coverage. Its not the Feds responsibility to regulate every breath I take. You clearly know little about business other than how to cash a paycheck. Business are already spending hundreds of missions trying to figure out how to comply with Obama care and are downsizing in preparation for the increase in costs it and all the other gov. regulations will cost. You mention freeloading... What do you call 99 weeks of unemployment? If you only knew how many people refuse to work knowing that the extended unemployment is available.

If taxes haven't gone up it isn't for a lack of trying and Big O makes it very clear he wants to raise taxes and where he can't get legislation he is imposing regulation which stifles business investment due to the uncertainty about what tomorrow will bring. He has made it clear he wants to fundamentally change America and since business have no idea what that will ultimately look like since Obamas actions never square with what he says they are hiding and sheltering their assets rather than investing.

Cut the corporate tax rate in half and within in a year the government will be brining in more tax revenue than it is today and jobs will be created as business regains confidence in the competitiveness of the US. Right now US companies are sheltering profits in oversees shell companies to dodge the second highest corp tax rate in the world. I feel for our President as he is clearly in over his head never having created a single job in his life.

Our country has been marching down a socialist path for many many year; Obama has just put the peddle to the metal printing and borrowing money at a rate that would make even a drunken sailor blush. (sorry that was just unfair to drunken sailors)

If the US Government were a business it would have been bankrupt long ago and will soon implode without drastic downsizing. We could tax the rich at 90% and that might get close to balancing the budget for 1 year and then where would we be?

Ok as promised when you boil it all down... US government social welfare state = Bernie Madoff. The whole thing is an unsustainable ponzi scheme. Obama is the current poster child but he and many that have gone before that have been unwilling to stand against the whole culture of buying your vote today with the future earnings of my kids really frosts me.