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Originally Posted by ecleland View Post
continue to do both at a reduced level.
Congratulations! You actually finally answered the question with a reality-based answer instead of dream-world rhetoric!

But let's take a look at what you've just decided.

You have just said that you would be happy catching, arresting, and deporting FEWER drug traffickers, criminals, and terrorists who are actually a threat to us ---- just so you can continue to hunt down and deport the spouses and relatives of our OWN US SOLDIERS, and some kids who's PARENTS violated US law.

Really??? Are you being serious???

You want to catch FEWER violent criminals, gang members, drug cartel members, and terrorists, just so we can continue deporting soldier's spouses and kids in school?

You either still can't do math, or you have one sick and twisted set of values. We are definitely going to have to agree to disagree, because I don't want to see a SINGLE violent criminal, gang member, drug cartel member, or terrorist walk free because resources were cut from going after them. Why do you want to see MORE of these baddies go free?

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