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Originally Posted by BanziBarn View Post
That looks freakin' awesome!!!! (apart from the yellow fogs )

Ref fogs - each to there own i guess

Originally Posted by Vid View Post
+1, gorgeous mate, looks damn low on the front!!

It's still useable at that ride height, no catching or scrapping issues anywhere i go

Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post

I think it looks really low in one shot because it's on a slope in a multistorey. Has it actually been dropped though?

The wheels are fackin lovely.

@OP: What's "black optic pack" ?
It's come down 15mm at the front and 5mm at the rear

Optic pack is the trim around the windows

Originally Posted by Tunna_uk View Post
how much of a drop do you get with the springs and is the ride quality oK?

what make angel eye bulbs are they?

Car looks great. Good job.
15mm front and 5mm rear for the drops

The ride quality is superb, as i put in my write up in the OP, better than the std MSport setup IMO

The angle eye bulbs aren't actually blue, it's an optical trick from my camera seemingly
The are from a company called Alltronics, in Worksop and on eBay


Originally Posted by spandeli View Post
+1 mate, just get rid of those yellow fogs though

And Each to there own on the fogs, they'll be staying for a while

Originally Posted by Vid View Post
The Eibachs surely are lower than standard MSport springs. I thought it looked low on the other pics too, and uber low on the shot on the ramp!
yes, you're correct, they are lower (as above)

Sit's sweetly, the ramp shot just gives that uber low look for the photo

Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post

Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Looks great. I Dont like blue angel's and the french fogs!

Looks ace otherwise

The angel eye's aren't blue, it's an optical trick apparently from my camera

Originally Posted by toxicnerve View Post
You're right. I'm a fucking idiot and didn't read the OP properly. Must learn to
lol :P

Originally Posted by pjs View Post
I like it, the wheels/stance look superb. Dont mind the yellow fogs much - same as our local taxi drivers!. Dunno about the numberplate lights though - seen a few of these recently and look a bit chav. Overall very nice
Thankyou, it wasn't easy getting the stance how i wanted it !

Yellow fog's are just a quirky, i'm being different thing

Yeah, sadly i'm non to keen on the number plate lights, it's an issue i'll address as and when

Originally Posted by beemerbird View Post
Think it would look more than good enough after dumping the yellow fogs, they just don't work imo and cheapen what was a relatively expensive car when new.

Your choice though.

Originally Posted by M3-FAST View Post
Car looks great and pleased the spacers went to a good home

I will be contoversial here and stick my neck out....I actually quite like the yellow fogs and providing you don't drive around with them on, will be more useful in fog than white ones. Yellow light is more effective in fog than white ones (less glare) - not sure about the uber-bright LED number plate lamps though.
Yes they did Paul, ta muchly - without them it'd look shite, i did i trial fit without them ..... looked pap

TBH, that was the first time i have ever switch the front fogs on since i got the car haha
I'm not rear into the "knob-light" driving about thing

Number plate light bulb are an issue i'm going to address as and when

Originally Posted by jeffrey846 View Post
Looks incredible !!
why thankyou

Originally Posted by haribo View Post
very niceee, I think the fogs look great. I dont think all white angels, projectors/headlights and fogs look good
I just like doing things different - why be a sheep and follow the trend