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Originally Posted by bmroxm5 View Post
If they really wanted to get their hands on a competitors tune they could always just buy one for ~$500
How would you feel if you were a tuner and someone said "I don't like the tune that I bought" and "Oh, by the way, I sent my ecu with your tune loaded on it to your competitor." Followed by "Would you issue me a refund?"

But I don't know how OE came to know that 325imax was sending his ecu to AA. They may have just found out through another source and that would change it entirely.

I agree that you could just use a fake name and send an ecu to OE to get the info, but why pay when you can get it for free like in the above example.

I am not trying to take sides, but I can understand how a tuner would not be happy, especially with proprietary information.

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