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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
Well I have tried everything, have May 2012 build X5 M50d with 6NR, Prof Nav, have updated to the latest Bluetooth firmware. Have a iPhone 4S running IOS 6 beta 2.

Have "OFFICE" in iDrive (only Office, no sub menu and never did have, I also do not have BMW Apps either). I can get Internet, can listen to WebRadio on iDrive.

Cannot get Messages or Mail, have Notifications turn on in iPhone, Messages also are not in "Telephone" section of iDrive either.

Have BMW restricted this in the iDrive for Australia?

Have run Update Services in iDrive

Bluettoth in X5 working as I can use the iPhone to make & receive calls and Contacts list appears ok in iDrive.

Have I missed a setting somewhere?
Ok a further update,

I now have (after numerous changes) under "OFFICE" in iDrive, Messages & Office Today. I also have under "Telephone" in iDrive, Messages.

I see it download data from the iPhone and my iPhone shows on the front screen I have 3 un-open emails but they are not download to the iDrive. The iDrive says there is no unread emails and Messages, whether I filter or not.

(Messages show as none but I know I have read all the SMS's so they will not show).

I have Notifications turned on in the iPhone, also in mail & messages setings. I also I get my emails automatically from our Exchange Server to my iPhone and that works ok.

Am I missing a setting somewhere in the iPhone which could stop the iDrive from picking up the emails?

Nearly there!

PS. I have IPhone tethering turned on under Personal Hotspot so to be able to get Internet on the iDrive.

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