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128i to 335xi

Okay...let me start by saying that my 08' 128 was a fun car...I always described it as feeling like a little go cart, in every good way...I had several mods, performance and asthetic...I loved, I repeat loved the look of my car...I got looks and compliments in that car more than all my other cars combined, and I only owned the 1 series for 6 months!!!! Well, I traded this car in on a 08' 335xi because I missed having awd, especially livin g in the Midwest...

As I was driving my new to me 08' 335xi today on the freeway and around town doing errands, I couldn't stop smiling...the power is soooo much fun compared to that of the 1, even with the performance upgrades to squeeze out all the extra hp from the 1...

My new car has aggressive snow tires on it so the car handles quite a bit differently than my 1 on summers, but I expect it to feel great when I get the summers on feels heavy, which it is, when compared to the crazy light feeling 1...

All in all, I love both cars...I miss the 1, but am thoroughly enjoying the new car...

Anyone have similar experiences with this or similar transitions?