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What started it all for me was two of my friends bought E90s so it piqued my interest in BMWs. I didn't know what all the hype was about as I've always drove Japanese sport/luxury cars. Then I sat in my friends 335i and he took me for a ride. That's when everything changed. What sold me was the fact that these cars are beasts under the hood with exceptional handling yet practical enough for the family (the e90 anyway).

I spent the better part of 6 months researching the 3 Series. I usually buy new but decided to get a used one with low miles, some balance of the factory warranty remaining and definitely an extended warranty. I picked up an '08 335i (CPO) with about 27k miles on it back last September.

Immediately after I bought the car I went through a period of remorse because I received so much grief from friends and co-workers about buying a BMW. You'd think I hit the lottery and I actually had people ask me that. Truth is, I paid less for this car than I did probably my last 5 cars. It's all about perception, sadly.

I think now I am on the tale end of the honeymoon phase. I still wake up and look forward to driving it to work because it's such an awesome car to drive, especially when you put your foot down or hit that twisty back road. But then there are times I get paranoid and think "what's next" because my car has been in the shop so much lately (albeit for minor things).
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