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Originally Posted by SkyWalker_J View Post
Well i'm still in the first 5 months of ownership on my E92 and i'll tell you honestly. I'm having a blast!!

To give you a background i'll tell my quick story.

Graduated college a few years ago. Finally landed my first real job in which I can easily pay monthly bills with plenty of disposable cash leftover. I thought to myself maybe i'll build my old car up to be a monster (its a WS6) then I also thought. Maybe its time for a change

Ever since these came out in 07 I wanted one, but was nowhere near ready to get one as I was working a warehouse job at the time while going through college

So once I decided to do a bit of research to buy one I did exactly what you described in stage 1. Stalked these forums. Pulled pics, asked my buddies...Jet black? Alpine white? Woodgrain? Navigation? AWD or RWD? Decisions decisions

Got my downpayment together (since I decided to keep my old car) went down to the dealer with no intention to buy (lol I know I know). Up until this point I hadn't driven one yet. I drove it and spent a good hour doing a walk around and drilling the salesman with questions he wasn't prepared to answer. Then I finally said OK lets start signing.

That first drive home was

Then I got it home and being my age I got from alot people. Then some remorse set in. "Dude you're only 26 why do you need a car like this?" " You didnt even give yourself enough time to REALLY enjoy the extra money.... great job, idiot" "You have a siberian husky, good look with the fur, bro"

These are things I thought about

Then I installed the JB4 ....nuff said

Still having fun here.. iDrive is a bit fustrating seeing as its the old unit. But I found a shop that will install the new system within 50 miles of my location.

For those that read all that. Thanks for reading!
Roger that. Figured i wasn't alone. Hey, YOLO right.