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BMW of Sterling (VA) good guy

Just a hats off to a new client advisor, Dennis Kazuba, at BMW of Sterling, in Sterling, VA. Its near Dulles Airport and Redskins Park.

Hes a former teacher like me, so we had something in common right off the bat. I kinda knew what I wanted, either a 328i coupe or the 335i coupe. He carefully explained all the features that I was interested in and since I was coming from an old Honda, really wanted to test drive both. While it took a few minutes to do the demo key deal, within a short time I had driven both and preferred the 328i. He owns one too. Negotiations went well since I was armed with Edmonds info which he respected. No pressure.
I got, what I considered a good deal, while still allowing him to make a profit.
I still was treated by him and the dealership as if I had paid full sticker. Their service dept. looked busy but accommodating and delivery went smooth.
All-in-all, I will give him all 5s in all the CSI survey when I get it.

Retired Ed