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Originally Posted by Booster4075 View Post
Deep down, I was hoping this CIC emulator would interrupt the necessary FSC for the newer maps too.. I guess the map FSC is different...or is it?

..and yes, WinKFP should be able to upgrade the CIC firmware. Question is, will it work on a car without D-Can such as my 9/06. (I'm assuming it will)
Probably not, unless you just connect the DCAN interface directly to the CIC (outside the car) which you should be able to do.

Originally Posted by lesliew View Post
I've never used WinkFP, but if someone can give me some guidance on how I can change the VIN number in the CIC then I may give it a shot next month with the 2010 maps.

In theory if it does work then there is no reason why you couldn't buy the FSC code and then write that 1 VIN number to many CIC's for use with the emulator.

But that's a project for next month since I've spent way toooo much on my car this month with my water pump just dying on me.
Great idea. I think you can do it with Tool32 - but I'm not sure, I've never done it....I know it was possible with other ECUs. Of course, the next problem is loading the FSC into the CIC - which a few of the guys above know how to do, but are unwilling to share.