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Originally Posted by dmw16 View Post
I am not trying to start (I'm sure what would be the 10 millionth) debate. I was just hoping to get some prospective on what some pros and cons are.
I can give example of why I went with one over the other.. It may not be what makes one stand out over the other for you but here goes.

- like being able to monitor the quality of my gas (autotune). I have found some local stations serve up garbage - or what my car thinks is garbage.

- like the built in boost gauge. 335's are fragile and the more I can see into it, the better.
(lower boost, higher boost, etc) without adding one in the car.

- being able to see if I have a boost leak (mapping boost to target)

- Knowing that I'm on stock DME low boost settings until the car warms up.

- viewing intercooler efficiency

I also have the BT tool - which would mean I could swing to the other side at any time.

Both are fantastic bang for the buck - but it's really what matters to each user.