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one thing is clear...

no one will give you an unbiased opinion. -->>

every arguement is founded on the failing of the other... this is a train wreck waiting to happen.

candid observation:

it looks like the people who buy the GIAC are potentially going to keep their cars past the warranty period -- so its a investment into the car. its not looked at as a removable accessory, but integrated into the car. if this is true, then workability, not flexibility is the prime concern. does it work, is it proven, is it stable, do i need to interact with it?

some people who buy the piggyback style tune tend to look at the value of the tune after they are finished with the car, and move on to the next car, whether BMW or not. not really an investment but a power adder that can be removed to be sold at a later date. plus all the bells and whistle that some of the current tunes offer, that makes the drive a little more entertaining. plus you feel like you "know" more about your cars operating condition.

in a high risk mission critical situation, software which is used in the production environment, is stable -- load tested pounded with numerous concurrent transactions/connections -- and then there a cutting edge groups that work with a unstable platform, for the sake of pressing forward in technology, this may work, there may be a lot of patches and bugfixes applied hourly, daily, weekly.

it just depends on what you want for your money .. production or cutting edge --