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Originally Posted by bigdaddycane View Post
If you're under warranty and want to go to a dealer ship try Ted Eibach at Sterling BMW. Ted has always taken care of me with any issue.

Don't go to the dealer for an oil change, they charge too much.

Mach V has good mechannics and are located in Sterling, Va.

Funktion Auto is also very good and in the Dulles area.

I do most of my work/mods, but those are the experiences I can personally speak of.

Agreed on not going to the dealer for an oil change and that Ted is a good guy. However, when it comes to the techs at Sterling, I feel they have slipped quite a bit and aren't all that great.

I had an e46 and used to get warranty work done @ Sterling BMW back in 04-05, now I have an e92 and had some warranty work done there recently and wasn't impressed.