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Originally Posted by Puerto Rican 335d View Post
rry amigo having issues with neighbors about the garage issues i am within the required parameters of construction and they're stating i have it wont , would you believe that they came at 7:30 pm to complain needless to say I tod them I was NOT coming down from my 2nd floor house to see at that LATE any inuendos i am within the property guidelines, Ive contacted the Complex Administrator and an Filed ngineer friend of mines and both state I doing everything correctly, People can be such wads, what eats me is that I know I am doing things correctly and people are trying to falk w me. I'll keep u posted Im sorry I hvnt sent you the pics but will try today ok
Yah, that's one of the big pains of construction. Doing it right is fairly easy. Repeatedly having to prove that your work is being done right is a pain. If you don't have a good relationship with them anyway, just tell them to call the complex administrator if they have any concerns,

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