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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have the k&n drop in filter? I'm a new member lurking (hopeful future owner) and am surprised at the aftermarket availability (US) of this engine, I'm used to the cold air intakes and the only drop in k&n filters Ive used where on my bike but I have never owned a forced induction vehicle so does anyone know if it would be similar results to remove this foam piece as opposed to getting the k&n drop in? Either way, it is a pretty good free mod
Candidly, I don't think either are really going to give you any gains that would be larger than what could be considered a testing error on a dyno (or even close there-to). Some folks do have k&n, but others believe that the cost of possible reduced particulate filtration and possible oil issues are not worth the possible benefits. Many here in the diesel section cite the Spicer report.

What's keeping you from buying the diesel? we'd welcome you to the dark side
Well I HAD a bike, ate it, broke another collar bone lol and it was going to cost more than a grand to fix the bike minus plastics, it was already salvage so I figured ill just sell it and get a car but waiting till I start work in April when I recover, unless I find the right one, not that many with low miles right now