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Originally Posted by e90drvr View Post
I have an FRM1. My production date is 09/05. See first sentence of first post.

Just to see if I got you correctly:

- You have the light switch on Low beams (one click to the right from 0)
- Meaning angle eyes Only are on.
- You switch off the car, leaving the light switch on low beam and then when you exist your car you have the ringer alerting you to the light swith in on position.
- You get out, close the door (low beams still on) and lock the car via remote.
-The first coding you did then permits to switch off the low beams(lights) no matter what setting the switch is, correct via the remote lock car feature?
- The last piece of coding is just to remove the warning of the light switch on upon opening the door or leaving the car, correct?

Now a doubt, if the light switch is on the low beam setting when you lock the car, that means that when you unlock it the angel eyes come on?

If so, I believe you have found a walk around for us FRM1 guys that want welcome lights


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