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Originally Posted by koffinb
I currently have an 04 330xi 6 speed..I was wondering if the awd system on the e90s are identical to the e46s and if they have the same failing points? (axles cv joints etc). Are there two differentials also or is this the electronic system?
So refreshing a very old thread.... I just got an 07 328xi coupe and similar to you I upgraded from an E46 with awd.

I do have some of the same questions though... Obviously there are two differentials, the transfer case is all new but the big question is what potential or unique issues do new Xi owners need to be aware of? For the E46 the cv axles were notorious for failing so I think that's why the op asked. I haven't seen anything really mentioning them as a weak point so far. Is there anything else to be aware of? Seems like quite a few front differentials seem to fail and the worm gear thingy in the transfer case. Anything Else?