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From what I see there are very few issues with the xi system. When I was buying my car I was weary of going to awd because I figured it was more stuff to break (that said, I was weary of going to a BMW for that reason too lol)... but I had a hard time finding many cases of awd issues. Mostly the issues I saw were people who modded like crazy, so certainly not typical failures.

The awd components seem to be pretty solid. Just change your fluids every now and then.

EDIT: Also keep in mind that forums like this tend to highlight issues since no one comes on here to announce that their water pump *hasn't* failed. It becomes easy to start thinking that because 30 people on here have an issue that it means it's "common". It's a hugely skewed sample of people on here; people who mod are more likely to have issues, and people don't generally find a forum to announce everything is running fine.

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