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It took me a while the first time as it is all by feel, now it takes about 1 minute, here is a pic I attached so you can try to visualize, but basically there is a piece of small diameter spring rod that you are trying to hit and there is a bit of a guide in the wheel to help, but basically you use a small flat screwdriver as indicated above, keep the flat part horizontal and go up on a little bit of an angle, but keep the screwdriver it self pointed directly in, not towards the front or back of the car.

I cirlce the path of the screwdriver in the pic and you will see the spring rod running vertical and going befind a piece of metal where you push it with the screw driver. It takes some patience and you will want to put a little outward force on the edge of the airbag so once you hit the spring it will pull out a bit. It also likes to go back in when you work on the other side, so I usually pull on it more in the middle for the second side so the first doesn't pop back in.

Good luck!

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