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Originally Posted by Clammy View Post
Now that I've had the heated steering wheel retrofit installed for a few weeks, and have been using it in varying winter temperatures, from a few degrees above freezing to -20C, I'm loving it more and more.

I've noticed that the temperature of the steering wheel varies. When the interior air temp is very cold, the steering wheel gets very hot, and when the interior temp is warmer, the steering wheel heats less.

So, it varies with the interior temperature, which makes me believe it must be tied into the climate control module. I almost always have the climate control set to "auto".

Am I correct in that thinking?

Yes the temperature of the steering changes with the interior temperature, but the steering wheel heat never turns off until you hit the button to turn it off. I can even turn mine on in the summer time, my cars already came with heated steering wheels from the factory, but a retrofit should work the same.
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