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Originally Posted by pgviper View Post
That's exactly what I was saying!!! Bang for the buck type of tire.

I'll def check out the Nitto's. If I can sell the v12's for a solid price then I might think of purchasing a whole set of something a little better but to be honest, I think my money is better well spent towards other things. I guess we will ahve to see when the time comes around.

Thanks for the advice. Now i'm searching tire's for the rest of my day at work hahaha.
be cheap and just get two v12's for the front as well. dont roll on different brands thats just bad for street driving the v12's (imo) are really good. Unless youre gonna be running qualifiers all day they should last and provide all the street performance you need. and theyre cheap I like cheap because I go through tires very very very very very very fast, especially on my track car. (also why i good with hankook) ive tried other brands rcomps and I just cant afford to buy a new set of $2k tires every two or three months.