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Originally Posted by Dustin@Vishnu View Post
FWIW, even leaving the ground or power off the procede, the car will still start. There are only three things related to the installation that will prevent the car from starting:

1. left the ECU ground off, when installing the procede ground.
2. one of the ECU connectors is not plugged in correctly.
3. the power fuse is not in place.

Even will all of the pin extraction done completely wrong, the car will still start. It won't start very well, but it will still start.
it was none of these. It was one of two things

1. The female pin at the end of the ground wire came out a bit from the procede connector (i admit i may have been the one to cause this by pulling so to others be careful not to pull!)

2. The end with the loop connector of the wire somehow had the plastic shielding blocking the wire from touching the hoop connector (as the only thing i changed here was to pull of the plastic shield to make sure it looked good - it did)