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Yes, they connect all wires ... I guess they want to make sure retrofitting is successful, regardless the configuration of the seats installed in the car.
Because it's possible to have power seats with memory but without heated seats just as well as having manual seats without heated seats.

Connecting the K_Can is the basis for a working memory, right?
So why should we not connect the K_Can?
There is actually no need to connect the K_Can if you have no memory ... or am I wrong?

Which legacy wires do you mean? I don't get it ...

Yes, I consider that possible!
But I don't know if BMW is offering other seat options on other models. The result of my short research is that other models also have other connectors ... but I keep at it


So you are about to retrofit your seats?
What have you done until now?

I just saw a little failure in your text under "important information":
-Driver seat' connector is called x279

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