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OK ... that's just what I assumed and now, that you approved it - its clear to me.

SHBF_PWM is a abbreviation for:

Sitzheizung Beifahrer_Pulsweitenmodulation that means heated seat passenger_pulse-width-modulation. That's why I feel certain about the fact, that its not longer needed if you have memory. Becaus the seat-module then controls the seat heater ...
In my eyes, there's no need to connect it


OK ... you want to dye them? Never heard of something like that is possible ... in which color?

To your questions:

- I think thats possible because other guys in our German Forum ( done this before with great success. Both had manual seats with seat heater before and they retrofitted manual sport seats with side bolsters and lumbar. All they had to do is connecting Pin4 to Pin9 and Pin8 to Pin13.

Assumption: I think I read in one PDF (TIS), that side bolsters and lumbar have the same pump. So ... I think ... they even cannot act at the same time

- I'm not quite shure if connecting Pin4 to Pin9 and Pin8 to Pin13 is "all" the work (despite memory) for us. For manual seats, it would be ... after connecting them - side bolsters and lumbar will work properly.
But my assumption is that the seat-module regulates the power supply to all the actuators in the seat. So it might be enough to supply the seat module with power (and K_CAN) and the seat heater. The picture I attached strengthens this assumption ... BTW: Its a picture of a E63/E64 - but it might be the same for E9x

- I think there are 2 emtpy slots ... because every Pin has its own wiring. All other connectors have empty slots when a specific feature is missing. So why should there be a difference on x14271?

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