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OMG THe Horror, My Dealership, Seattle BMW... Totally,

Didn't let me down even a little (GASP)... Took my 335 in for it's annual service, and yeah, nothing went wrong. I know hard to believe that a Dealership did EVERYTHING RIGHT!

I feel somehow left out... I was expecting the usual E90Post Horror filled day of Nightmarish sales people and "shady" service guys... But alas, No Scratches, Only 2/10ths on the OD, ready and waiting for me just as promised, and just as I'd left it... What A Nightmare. OH they did however FAIL TO PUT MY SEAT BACK... I had to push my seat memory button MYSELF!

OK Seriously, with all the (little girl with a Skint knee), self important drama queens we have here I thought posting up about an absolutely PERFECT experience at Seattle BMW would be worthwhile.

I arrived 45 minutes late due to my failure to plan for wet roads and Monday Morning Rush hour. No worries though, I got right in to see my Service Adviser within about 45 seconds of my arrival. Check in took another 2-3 minutes at which point I asked for a lift Downtown to Pike Market so Gen and I could do some shopping and screw around for a few hours.

Had to wait about 5 minutes for the Shuttle to arrive. Clean van, driven well, and they got the door for Gen. Just what you'd expect really.

Pike Market was normal, busy but not crazy and we enjoyed some killer Crepes at Crepe De France, did some shopping, and walked around for awhile. When it was time to go I called the Shuttle drivers direct line and FOOMP like rubbing a Magic BMW Shuttle Lamp there's the ride back to the dealership, within about 5 minutes.

When we got back to the dealership I met briefly with the sales manager who was doing his best to get me into an M3 for a test drive, and we spent some time talking about the new cars, the M, the 1 series, and the new X6. After some pleasant chit chat I went to pick up my key and lo and behold my car was ready to go. I got my sheet detailing the work performed, Oil change, wipers, etc... and I was met by my SA on the way out. Car is running great!

2 Ipods, a kindle, a laptop, one Canon Digital SLR, and Gen's purse all exactly as they were left. NO Theft either??? Unheard of.

All in all it was a perfect service experience. Courteous, friendly and fast. Not a single hitch, glitch, waggled finger, scratch, or other "OMG" drama. Though I did get a couple "love the wheels" comments which I think may have been sincere...

So there are still operations out there that get it, that know how to do things right, and then do it. Just remember, much of what you get out of life depends on what you put in. You put out "I'm a Unique Delicate Flower" holier than thou attitude, you receive crappy attitude, service, experience in response. You see it and read about it all day here on the forums, "My "Stealership" Blah Blah Blah." Or "BMW Scratched my car, and I put my foot down". Yadda Yadda... Amazing what happens when you show up without a bunch of negative preconceptions, crappy attitude, and arrogance.

So yeah, a dealer experience that is exactly as it is supposed to be, and part of why I bought a BMW in the First place... Excellent!

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