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Originally Posted by Hybridz0rz View Post
After coding the VO.

You need to do some minor coding to the FRM module aswell...
(im going to do some work on my car so ill be able to check the exact codes that needs to be changed)

But one is to enable Lin-bus. the commutation bus for the mirrors.

Then you also need to set what type of mirror you have (chromatic dim, Heating, powerfold, memory) etc..

Then you "should" but not necessary also enable the link code that makes you able to toggle them out or in with your key fob.

And since you checked that you existing wire harness is 3pin on Both driver and passenger side you should be good to go..
Can you pleeeeease tell me how to enable Lin-bus? I did all what I just wrote up there. But it doesn't work. Already added $313 to both FRM and CAS module but still can't be fold