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Foam padding residue... small swirl marks left

I recently received my car (Jet Black 325) and had the dealer leave all of the plastic on the seats, stickers on the windows, and foam padding on the front doors (no dealer detail). That night I did a quick wash on the car just to get the dust/dirt off (Z-7 Zaino Car Wash soap only; no wax). I wasn't aware that a sticky glue residue would be left behind after the foam padding on the doors was removed. My dad said that he could get it off and used pure carnauba wax to remove it. When it was done it was smooth to the touch (keep in mind, there wasn't much light available when we removed everything).

Anyway, it wasn't until today that I realized the lines on the doors were still faintly visible from where the foam pads had been stuck. Also, to my utter dismay, there were TINY SWIRL MARKS left behind and there are small areas on both doors that look a bit dull compared to the shine of the rest of the car. I am praying that this is not a big deal and that these will come out without a problem. I was planning on doing a thorough wash and my first wax (sealant) this weekend. Can these swirl marks come out without worry. Please say yes. What do you guys think and what do you suggest? Thanks so much.