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My next questions will be:
How reliable are those electronic bells and whistles?
What brands are those electronic bells and whistles?
Is it easy to get parts/replace parts post warranty coverage?

Originally Posted by Stohlen View Post
I built the Toyota Tundra prototypes you saw at the auto show, and from a comfort standpoint they are much improved over the old model, it is much more functional on the interior: things like the radio was moved closer to the driver to allow easier access instead of having to lean to access some buttons, the interior materials were updated - except the dash which still feels extremely cheap. There are some new interior options as well, different color combinations, a few more technology based options, and the Nav is improved over the old model.

Functionally wise however, the truck hasn't really changed much. It looks much nicer, but the drive-line is mostly the same, save for a new transfer-case that is much more user friendly and helps with towing.... tho the thing could already tow the space shuttle so who cares. Really it was just a refresh and nothing major like the motors or suspension was significantly changed.

My job was to make sure the vehicle didn't fall apart and that everything looked and functioned properly, so hopefully I did a good job...