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So the 1'er has a hi-fi set up which is easier to work with.
The budget be 600 (around $900).
I reckon it can take two 6" subs and would prefer to undermount to make it a stealthy finish. I'd be be happy with one if it is enough.

I did a stealth shelf on my VW Polo years back with two custom made DLS 7x10's for a 'SQ' but this time a tad bit of mid-bass is required. I later replaced them with Genesis Free Air Subs (pbx69) and parted with the car. The Genesis were pretty good but obviously did not drop low. Then on an Audi S3 I mounted a 6" w3v3 in the boot wall which sounded amazing. The trouble is that I think the 6" JL would be a tad pricey and I know that I can do better than JL in this case.