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Originally Posted by CobraMarty View Post
It will be interesting to see what your boost curve and max boost will be with your mods.
MILVs, headers and exhaust will all lower your boost.
Lower boost and more power because more air will go into the cylinder and get out, less 'stacking up' of boost in the intake manifold.

I have a smaller Vortech pulley that can be made to work with a shim washer and machining of the mounting bolt surface shorter. I will look at the needed specs when I get home from work.
Just as you said in our PMs!

Thank you for putting this out there! Forgot to mention this!
I am gonna look at the usb supplied with the kit here in a few minutes, hopefully the instructions are there so I can hook you up as well...
If I ever had to get a new pulley, I would definitely compensate you and your machinist pal!
I am pretty socially awkward in person (I am sure the cats @ BPC can confirm... lmao...) and me sitting there trying to explain it to somebody will probably just stress me out beyond reason...
See you, space cowboy.

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