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2007 Volvo S60R drive review

Ok so my 330Ci was getting a headlight washer leak checked out today and the garage had a 2007 Volvo S60R with 64,000 miles for sale. The car was an automatic which isn't what I would pick of course but I thought it'd be interesting to compare the two because my car has 63,000 miles on it and is also a step.

My car: 2002 330Ci Sport Step w/63k
Theirs: 2007 S60R Step w/64k

Review: I have always loved the s60r and was excited to drive one again. I have driven a few over the years but not for a long time and never after owning a BMW. Keep in mind that I am NOT a BMW fan boi, there are plenty of BMW's I do not like and I have come from domestics and japanese cars as well. I am not biased.


The steering was bad, it was very light and not even consistent when turning, notchy way too floggy for a car of its size.


Understeery, it FEELS big (it isn't a huge car but good sized) and not very precise. I drove the car in all of the settings, comfort, sport and advanced and I could tell the difference between them and it is a nice feature. The car over bumps really showed its lack of fit and finish, there were so many creeks and chatter over bumps.


Nothing to complain about here, they were very good.


Definately faster and the get up and go was nice but it wasn't nice enough to accept the other trade offs to have it


In step mode it was laggy, more laggy than the BMW. It was not a very smooth shifting trans and it had many clunks and jerks, granted it is an auto and it won't be perfect but considering this is being compared to my car it was not as good even though it was 5 years newer.


The exhaust note was confused, not in a good way. The sound was a cross between a 4 cyl 6cyl and 8cyl and none of the good note. The only good part about how it sounded was the spool. It just didn't sound healthy.


Super comfy, recliner like in fact which was nice but for any kind of performance driving they sucked and did not age well, cracks and abrasions everywhere and the car is a 2007. It was very soft and thin material with next to zero lateral support.


The car is a good car, just don't drive one back to back with a sport package BMW anything. I have driven over 100 high end or relitively scarce performance cars and this used to be one of my favorites for some reason but after owning my car it is no longer. My 330Ci is slower, but the steering is better, the chassis is a better balanced one, the seats are better and everything is just tighter and better built though the R brakes were very good. This to me is a prime example of when power just doesn't cut it even though they are very different cars, 4 to 2 doors, 5 Cyl Turbo 300hp to Straight 6 N/A 225hp, AWD to RWD etc. Believe me I wanted to love the S60R and figured it might even be a no brainer better car than my own, in fact I was reluctant to drive it thinking I might get back into my car and not like it anymore... Definately not the case. It is twice as old, and slower but without a doubt a better package more fun to drive car.
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