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Originally Posted by martini View Post
Has anyone tried T25. I was doing P90x for over 6 months and it worked great but I was starting to get bored and couldn't get motivated to spend an hour every night working out. T25 is 25 minutes and it's awesome. I've heard its basically Insanity in 25 minutes rather than the full hour. I'm in relatively good shape and it's kicking my ass and I'm on week 2. Plus, 25 minutes goes by so fast so you actually seem to work harder cause you know it's going to be done soon.
I'm in a Gamma round of T25.

It's different. In a good way.
Gets my heart rate up and I have a long way to go before I could do everything they do with no breaks.
Don't compare it with Insanity because they are completely different programs designed for different purposes.
Alpha round will seem easy if you are an Insanity grad. I just did a week of that and jumped straight into beta round, which is fairly intense. Gamma is kickin my ass.
U will need dumbbells + mat. Pull-up bar is optional. You could use resistance bands, but I find them hard to use for such fast pace workouts.

Shaun T is coming with a Delta round, can't wait.