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I did p90x and insanity back-to-back a few years ago and got into the absolute best shape of my life. But like a lot of people I got lazy, worked out less and less and ate worse and worse. I also got a lot more responsibility at work which added some stress and contributed to the lower quality lifestyle. I spent about a year or so at a weight that I was unhappy with. I finally decided I was fed up with it a few months ago and started eating better and re-started Insanity. I have one more week to go and as before, I am very happy with my results. I am not completely back to where I was a few years ago because I do not have the same muscle that p90x creates and my abs are not as defined, but I am finally at a weight and fitness level that I am satisfied with.

I would love to do the Asylum next, but I don't have enough space, mainly because a jump rope will hit the ceilings in the room where I work out. So instead I was thinking of doing T25 next, but then I came across p90x3, which I believe came out pretty recently. It might be the perfect program for me at this point because I would like to gain some more muscle, but I really can't bear the thought of doing p90x again, despite the great results I've had in the past. The workouts are just too long and Tony Horton is just not as dynamic and fun as Shaun T. However, p90x3 is similar to T25 in that it compresses the workout into a much shorter time frame, in this case 30 minutes! If that means I get essentially the same results as p90x, with half the corny Tony Horton jokes, then I'm in! Anyone else have any direct experience with x3?
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