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Originally Posted by GhOsT_E90 View Post
Well actually i work on AH-64 Longbow helicopters and have been for almost 10 years and sometimes parts don't fit perfect either, no i just can't go and modify an helicopter just to make a part fit. And have 5 years before professional auto experience.Since then i have modded probably every car or truck i have owned. And I have never had anyone else do work for me unless really needed. A car shouldn't be any differant but i think when you modify a car of any kind sometimes things dont always fit as advertise do to differances in a vehicle, either from driving conditions that have be drive from wear and tear whatever. BMW built the car and sure spent many hours perfecting it so if you want perfection and perfect fit until someone makes a replica DP thats larger and without cats I dont think you'll get the perfect fit.
I stand corrected; longbows it is. the point was that with Army equipment, you're stuck with that manufacturer, you can't go shopping around no matter what the vehicle/weapon system. hey man, if you're willing to excuse wrongful advertisement and/or defective parts that's on you; most costumers won't. most manufacturers will tell you if you need to modify the part or your vehicle upfront. they will not tell you a part doesn't fit because it's installer error.

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