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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
Marcel has a HPF Stage 1 and I have the stage 2 but he has issues with the vibration in higher gears like me so might go SMF as well. His Clutchmasters one failed on the first outing to the Ring IIRC.
Yeah, that's right. At the same time that I had the RB turbos installed, I also had the ClutchMasters FX300 put in. After bedding it in for around 1000 miles I did a trip to the 'Ring with it and it failed miserably, slippage in 4th to 6th gear.

I then had it replaced by the HPF Feramic stage 1, after having driven Lars' car with the stage 2. In the end I think though that the engagement between stage 1 and 2 is not that much different. It's noticeably stiffer than with the CM clutch, let alone the OEM one. The HPF works fine, no slippage at all, just the engagement is not very smooth and there's still quite a bit of judder depending on how I engage the clutch.

The issue I'm having now is not the clutch but rather the flywheel. When installing the CM FX300, a new flywheel was also installed. When installing the HPF clutch, the flywheel was replaced again as apparently the (second) original one already had lots of play in it.

In the end it's rather obvious that the original dual mass flywheel is not up to cope with the massive torque that my car (and idnan's) are putting out. That's at least in my opinion the reason why we get these vibrations from the drivetrain when going WOT, and why I'm now consistently getting misfires in the high rev range which are caused by the knock sensors that confuse the massive drivetrain vibrations with a knock event.

A temporary bypass will probably be to deactivate the knock detection (COBB can do that), but in the end it seems I'll have to go with a single mass flywheel. As the aluminium ones are quite noisy, I'm currently also leaning towards the Spec steel flywheel. Ideally however I'd like to combine that with my current HPF clutch as I don't want to buy still another clutch (I'd really like to spend my hard-earned money on other things than clutches...).

So if you're doing a group buy on Spec clutches and flywheels I'm potentially interested as well.

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