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Originally Posted by idnan View Post
How is your car reporting the misfire? Does it go into limp mode and reduced power? Mine went into limp mode at about 6000rpm in 4th yesterday and I have a feeling it has something to do with the FW and the vibrations.
Above 6k rpm it reports a misfire in cylinders 5 and 6 and goes into limp mode, i.e. shutting those two cylinders down. I've also datalogged this several times and there is no indication whatsoever of any timing retards or knock events. Someone on the 'other forum' had exactly the same issue (including the drivetrain vibrations) and the single mass flywheel cured that.

Originally Posted by idnan View Post
I'm in the same boat and I've put the question to both Spec and HPF on the other forum about using their products together. With such a new clutch in mine I have no urge to change it. I'm getting these issues on just pump gas, I've not even fitted my meth kit back on yet
Yes, same here, I'm getting these misfires on 98 octane fuel and haven't even tried out an even more powerful meth map yet (or E85). But the car is already freakishly fast as it is anyway.

Originally Posted by idnan View Post
And it is highly interesting that your first flywheel had so much play in it as I had exactly the same issue with my replacement one at 10k. Even such that LUK saw fit to give me a refund as I had already bought a replacement one. I was doubtful that mine had failed so quickly but I suppose at these power levels anything is possible.
In the 'other forum' there are a few photos of an OEM flywheel that someone took apart. Looked really flimsy and therefor no surprise it doesn't hold up to the more than 700Nm torque that we're abusing it with.

I hope we'll get an answer from Spec or HPF...

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