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Originally Posted by Tag View Post
I posted this question in the n55 forum by accident.

Now that I've found the right thread I'll ask again hoping someone here knows the answer...

I'm trying get some information on Stage 1 aggressive maps for AccessPORT regarding octane. The stock ECU can detect the octane level and adjust. For instance, if I put in 89 octane it will automatically detune itself to avoid damage from pre-ignition. If I run the 93 octane aggressive map and end up filling with 91 octane gas because 93 was simply not available in the location I was in would the reprogrammed ECU be smart enough to detect the drop in octane and adjust?

If I find myself in that situation I would just put in a couple of gallons of 91 until I was able to get to a 93 octane pump and not have to really much. I don't like the idea of sitting at a gas station flashing a map before I can safely drive off and then doing the same again after I refill with 93. That would be such a PIA.
yeah, just drive conservatively and you'll be fine.
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