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Originally Posted by Tag View Post
I guess I can drive conservatively but it still sucks because you'll need to reflash to make sure you don't run into issues. I asked Cobb directly and this was what they said.

"Thank you for your inquiry. The DME would pull timing if it detected detonation, so in a sense it would "de-tune" itself. This is not an ideal case though as the detonation would have occurred before the timing corrections. The octane we recommend is the minimum that should be used due to the additional power we make. If you run into a case where the minimum octane fuel is not readily available, it would be best to flash the lower octane map and refrain from driving the vehicle aggressive."
I actually did this for a while. I know it's not good, etc etc, fair enough. But I experienced no knocking, and the car behaved properly, so in my case, it was not a concern at all (I ran Aggressive+FMIC 93 on a car with no FMIC and 91 oct, hehe).