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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Though BMW want to compared the 1M to the TT-RS probably it's closest competitor is Audi's new RS3, both are priced very closely with the Audi being that little bit better value for money based on standard kit.

So how do they stack up on spec.

HP : both have 340 but where as the BMW is reached at a low 5900rpm the Audi's peak power in over a wide 900rpm between 5400rpm and a higher 6300rpm.

Torque : both quote 450Nm but again it's the Audi with the wider rev band and higher peak, though BMW hit back with an extra 50Nm on overboost for a limited period.

Weight : 1495kg vs 1575kg in favour of the 1M, though in fairness the Audi has more standard kit, has an awd drivetrain and extra doors.

Acceleration to 100km/h : 4.6s vs 4.9s in favour of the Audi, the advantage of LC and DSG means the 1M will have to play catchup and if the figure recorded by Autobild for the DSG TT-RS are anything to go by (3.9s - 100km/h, 9.3s -160km/h & 14.9s - 200km/h) then the 1M will have it's work cutout for it.

Roll on the comparison tests.
Raw figures aren't everything. Based on stats like these the RS5 and the IS-F should have been quicker than the E92 M3.

We'll have to wait for the comparo's, I'm afraid.