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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
I'm not sure how anyone else here can not take this post the wrong way. You come in here only to devalue us, right? When we are wrong, it's clearly evident. But when we say the times we were right, we mention them, and we were right. This thread has been pretty accurate for the last little while, and we have been doing really good with our trades. Today was my first hit in about 2 months. As for investment size, I trade a minimum of 6 figures in my ETFs. So I put my money where my mouth is. Where is yours? I shared my portfolio size, care to share yours?

Investing differently with $20,000? Is that supposed to be large enough to change our investment strategies? I make and lose that in minutes. Today, I lost 5 figures for sleeping in (what a dumb mistake on my part today. I had been so tired all week I slept in). That is far, far, far, from making a large dent in my portfolio.

We talk percentages because this thread is built of a bunch of different traders. I get tons of PMs from other members who are just looking to start out with $5,000. Percentages is all this game is about anyways. It equalizes us all. I'm up 63% for the month. You?

If I took your post the wrong way, then disregard this response. But I'm tired of the random members that come in and knock this thread with "guess you were wrong" comments, when they don't even bother contributing. Realize we contribute our thoughts here free of charge, and other members and I are always welcoming new beginners and giving them direction. Posts like yours are so demeaning and pointless, IMO. Is isn't a portfolio comparison contest. This thread has been about, and always been about, analyzing the markets. No one cares how much you have trading; can you analyze the global events and price action? Cause that's all we care about here.
Really, no. I just know beating the market consistently is one of the hardest things in human history and wanted to make that point. Reading here, a lot seem to beat it.

If you are trading with a 7 figure portfolio, more power to you, but you are in the minority. Being up 63% is impressive too, but you and I both know that isn't sustainable, the norm, or anything close. This business requires to preserve capital and live another day. I simply don't take enough risk to be up nearly that much, honestly. I tip my hat to you for the month.

Yes, I have 6 figure trades as well. My point was (and you know this because of your portfolio) that the amount of capital invested is directly related to your risk tolerance...unless you are trading with someone else's money. Sure percentages are an equalizer, but they can be misleading if someone has a $1,000 portfolio versus a $1m.

Anyway, don't mind me. You are a smart guy and clearly are doing something right. Keep It up.

Maybe I'm just bitter I sold aapl too early or that I still have a significant long position in financials.