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Originally Posted by wrtworld
I dont like the report that you posted. It seems like the independent mechanic dont like the idea of changing the spark plugs every 100,000 miles because they are not doing business.

Changing the oil every 10k or 15k miles is normal these dasy as long as you are using full synthetic oil

Coolant that can last up to 150K miles or 7 year is sold at PepBoys

I'm not planning on changing the fluid on my tranny. It's a lifetime fluid. A friend of mine have 275k miles and have never changed the fluid and the tranny still working fine

99.5% of the report is

Some people want to change more often than the recommended intervals. If it doesn't really make a difference, then it at least lets me sleep better. And anyways, what makes you more qualified than Mike Miller on this topic, especially to say that 99.5% of the report is BS?? Seems like all of your posts are nothing but negativity.