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Thumbs up bought some LS3s from BavX

hey everybody, review about my experience with BavX is WAY WAY overdue.

These guys really deserve a solid review, and I should of gotten to it sooner.

In the beginning of july, i left CA to spend a month or so studying in the UK before i left i sent my lights out to BavX to have a full black out/ LS3 or whatever done. I set it up that i would contact them a couple days before i got back so they could send my headlights out and they would be waiting for me when i got home. pretty fucking cool of them to let my headlights cluster up their shop for a month.
Anyway, got home from my trip with my headlights waiting, opened up one of them to check them out as i was going to instal them that evening. A brief look at them resulted in a little questioning because the adaptive light housing had fallen off the base, called BavX, they assured me that it would reset itself as soon as i plugged the headlight it.
Finally got to installation around 4pm that afternoon, to find that the headlights had been FUCKED by UPS
On one headlight the Outer ring had completely come undone, on the other the outer housing had come undone
in addition, edges of the lenses on both lights had been cracked.
Called Duy at BavX, told him what had happened and sent him pictures. By the time i got around to this i'm pretty sure they were closed but he stayed in contact with me past their normal hours to help me out.
GREAT customer service, Duy pretty much said what ever I want to do they'll take care of it. pay for shipping, what ever it took to fix them.
I ended up installing the lights because i needed my car that night.

Deciding on the spur of the moment the next morning to drive down to BavX to drop off my headlights because i didn't want to wait for shipping. Didn't let them know until i was half-way to them as I left before they were open.Eventually got to BavX around an hour later, pretty much unannounced. Duy dropped what ever he had to do that day and fixed my headlights on the spot, and did the install for me.
He ended up giving me pretty much ALL new hardware, so i basically got a new set of headlights.. all on the spot, all with no charge or hard time.

Couldn't be happier and more appreciative to Duy and the guys at BavX.
They treated me GREAT, and pretty much catered to me to a degree i didnt know was possible...
and now i have great working SICK headlights.

Big thanks to Duy @ BavX for the great headlights and even Better experience!!
I couldn't recommend these guys higher.
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