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Granted, the numbers shown in the graph below are not the numbers from the fueling system on the N54, but because we don't have a lab to test that specific system, we will use this information as a guideline to show the viability of this solution over a single pump upgrade.

So even on a low restriction system, pumps in series will out perform a single pump by +17%. I think the data speaks for itself and you can find page after page of technical findings that support this solution, so I have to ask, why is everyone so bent on having FFTEC or Shiv provide R&D results that cost money and time when they can be doing something much more productive like finding a solution for the AT issues for upgraded turbo cars. So please take this with a grain of salt as I know you and the other are very knowledgeable, I just don't understand why you keep pressing the issue even though their is supporting data available everywhere you look.
Well there you go. Maybe looking at data for "PC watercooling" wasn't the best set of "lab results" to rely upon.

It's a valid lab result of how pumps work which you have clearly shown you have no clue. Other than a pressure regulator, Terry's testing was in an unrestricted environment and doesn't take into consideration restriction. A pump is a pump. I have always agreed that the walbro upgrade is a great solution for someone who wants to break apart their stock LPFP and replace it with a better pump. Although the FFTEC option cost double, it's plug n play and can be reversed quickly. As the graph indicates and is consistent with Terry's finding. The only thing he left out was the head. Dynamic Chang as pumps have to work harder or have increased restriction. So regardless of what you think or say, we now have three viable options thanks to Tony. I applaud everyone who brought the solution to our platform.

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