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Originally Posted by ign335i
Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Maybe it does now, but I didn't pay triple. Maybe we need to go into business.
Lol, whatever makes you sleep at night. Fact of the matter is a $180 pump does what you paid $475, $600, $whatever for. Still waiting for your "lab results". Parallel was the way to go, not series. Like I have been saying from page 1.
Well, I'm sure I'm not the only person who realizes the fact you have done nothing for this thread other than voice your opinion. You keep saying things like the single Walbro is better than series with no data, then you keep telling everyone parallel is the way to go and NO one has even tested that option. What really is your intention? You came out of the woodwork as if you we're this vast resource of knowledge and you spout off arguing your premises with no valid evidence to support your conclusion. At least I was able to validate the FFTEC solution works and showed lab results from other viable test scenarios to support my evidence beside the fact it fixed my issues. Even BMS results were consistent to the graphs I provided. So if you want to be a productive member and provide fact and not your assumptions that you have provided to date, go buy two pumps and test them in parallel and let everyone know. Until then, I'm sure everyone would appreciate your silence. Btw do you even own a 335?
If so, see you in March at the airfield. I'll buy the first round after.