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Thanks for all the positive replies, now to answer all your questions!

-The cost to wrap an E92 would be around 1200 to 1400 depending on colour/material used.

-The amount of vinyl used was around 15 meters.

-The skirts, roof and mirrors will be wrapped, skirts green, the roof and mirrors will be satin black.

-The shop that I did the tuition with, which I did 95% of the actual stripping/wrapping, were very friendly and easy going, which made the whole experience more enjoyable.

-The cost of this particular colour material came to 625, but that was a 25 metre roll and have around 10 metres remaining.

-As for lowering etc, there are too many uneven roads locally that I travel on daily. The ride would be way too harsh and the wrap would more than likely get damaged on the front lip constantly.

-The wrap film is hexis HX30000 series kiwi green.

-The AE's are from an eBay store called xenon planet based in the UK that deals in automotive bulbs. They are 20W CREE H8 direct replacements, and have been fault free to date.