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Originally Posted by BMW 2006
Wash once a week, unless extreamly dirty.....wax once a month with
Groits between I use the California Car Duster.
What colour is your car? Does the california car duster not scratch your car? I have a saphire black car, park under a carport every night and my car gets really dusty! I'm looking for a way to just -touch it up- in the mornings (or afternoons)?

Also...please post a pic of this california duster thing, so I can go find one at my autoshop :-)

back to the topic.
I have a saphire black car, with lemon interior.
I've had the car 4 days today and so far I have washed it twice and cleaned the drivers seat and doior pannel once. :-/ need something to "dust" the car with daily, or bi-daily that won't scratch it. I thought a mircofibre cloth would work...but apparently, the dust on the cloth will scratch the car :-///

Please help my me with ideas, or mail me at or reply here!