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DIY: Factory Folding Rear Seats

[b]So your car didnt come with the factory code "465" Split Fold Down Rear Seats - $475
Folding rear seat center armrest with ski bag; Asymmetrical front facing rear seats

Its very possible and realitly easy to retro fit them..Unlike e46 their is no difference between the body with cars and without rear folding seats. BMW was actually nice and provided the holes and brackets needed. Headrest transfer over, this will be 99% factory as cars with factory rear folding can disconnect the middle seat belt so its completly out of the way. I opted not to replaced my seatbelt as it wasnt a big of deal IMO.

Step 1: Your going to need to find a set of folding rear seats. Ideally you want to find a set that match's your existing color/package(Prem for example ). Or if you have money just order them from BMW. I found mine on ebay. Make note you will need the
-Seat Bottom Cushion
-60/40 Rear Folding Seat Back
- Back Seat Side Bolsters

You need to order the following parts from your favorite parts supplier

Seat Back Locks
~Left: 52 20 7 112 863
~Right: 52 20 7 112 864

Seat Back Lock Actuators
~Left: 52 20 7 151 369
~Right: 52 20 7 151 370

Cable Holder ~ 72 11 8 177 700 4x (Not Required, But Opitonal)

Seat Back Lock Actuators Screws ~ 07 11 9 901 299 [4x]

Seat Back Lock Actuators Screw Hole Inserts ~ 63 12 1 374 075 [2x]

Folding Seat Support Bracket ~ 52 20 7 161 259

Folding Seat Support Bracket Screw ~ 07 14 7 161 279

*Factory Two Peice Middle Seat Belt* Totally Up to You
Upper Part ~ 72 11 7 132 245
Lower Part ~ 72 11 9 138 232

Depending on where/how you optain your seats, you may need for following parts (Mine came Included with my seats)

Folding Seat Back End Support Brackets ~ 52 20 7 118 701 [2x]

Folding Seat Back End Support Bracket Torx Bolts ~ 07 14 6 952 304 [2x]

Step 2:

Grasp the seat cushion up on both sides of the car, once you have the seat cushion unclipped just simply remove it from the car. Be careful of a random wiring under the seat.

Step 3:

Once seat cushion is out of the way, you will see two torx 50 bolts in the middle of the seat back right at the bottom of the seat. These bolts were realitely tight on my car. Dont use an allen key or anything like that make sure its a proper torx bit as the bolts are going to be reused.

Step 4:
Open your trunk and wiggle in their on your back and look around their will be two lock looking things, you need to take a flat head screw driver and make the lock module move It has to spin around...(just mess around with it, and you'll figure it out) You n

Step 5:
Once you have disconnected the seat back from the lock, proceeed to remove it from the car, It helps having two people its not heavy..just awkward size..

Heres a picture I found for reference if your having a difficult time removing
Step 6:
You'll want to remove the non-folding seat back locks. Their are two 13mm bolts on each side. Dont misplace the bolts, as you will be using them again to put in the New Folding Back Seat Locks.

Step 7:

Push the Expanding nuts into the apprioate holes in the roof of the trunk. Their are three holes MAKE Sure you dont put them in the middle as these are extremely hard to get out once inserted

Step 8:
Line up the handles and give them a good press into the the body of the car.

Remember those expanding nuts you pressed into the body,now you can use four screws and insert them and tighten up the handles. Dont go crazy,as these are only plastic just make sure their snug.

Step 9:
Fish the Actulor cable thru the hole and into the lock module area. The sound damping foam is already cut for the cable.

Now Fit the folding lock modules, Rember those 13mm now reuse them. Dont forget to connect the cable to the lock module its press fitted in. Tighten up the lock modules..

Bolted in

Don't forget to snap the actuator cable into the holders, saying that you ordered them not necessary just completes the retrofit more.

Step 10:

Take the support bracket and associated screws needed and bolt it into the Bracket on the body of car. The support Bracket slides in between the Bracket from the car. The bolts go in with the head of the Bolt facing the passenger side of the car.

Support Bracket ^

Bracket on Body of Car ^

I forgot to take a picture of them the two pieces together.

Step 11:

Take the left side of the Folding rear seat back (The smaller one) side it thru the big hole of the support Bracket, Now take the bigger side and connect the the back seats together..Now bolt them to the factory hole at the ends, using the bolts removed from the Non-folding rear seat back.

Take you time as this part of the install can be a bit tricky

Step 12:

Swing the seat back into place, check the lock function. Grab the side blosters and clip the plastic clip into the square hole in the body of the car.

Snap the side blosters into place, just line them up and give them a good smack into place..

Take the seat cushion and depending what you did with the seatbelt siutiuatino. I left mine as is, line up the cushinon with the front spring loaded clips and smack it down till it held in place.

Step 13:

Now enjoy you folding rear seats

-Parts $ 125 shipped
-Seats $200

Since I don't ski or plan to anytime, I decided to skip the ski bag in favor of Barvain Technic Cable

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