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You have time to buy the upsell warranty/maintenance plans in the future. You will have more bargaining power before the factory warranty is up. I think u can even buy it after the factory warranty too... But not as cheap as before the warranty is up. Keep at different sales guys till u get a price u r fair with. Honestly, under 100k miles... Not much needs to be done. Use coupons from various bmw dealership websites for deals. Have dealerships price match other dealership coupons. My bmw oil changes are done every 7500 miles and i get the coupon rate of $58. Spark plugs r done every 45k miles, i buy them online for $70 and my indy installs them for $50. Brakes & rotors shouldn't cost more than $450 (I'm still on original pads with 62k miles on the clock, i am not expecting to change them under 100k miles). You will need to do brake fluid flus every 2 years time (unlimited miles) which is about $100 service with coupon.

Car battery will die at random and almost never covered under any warranty? Not even the factory warranty unless u complain a LOT. Thats about $400 for battery + install + registration (tell the car a new battery was installed).

BMW Assist TCU tends to die after 4 years, not covered by cpo, will cost $1k to replace or just stop the subscription instead.

Water pump usually dies around 60k and 80k miles. This is covered under CPO for $50, otherwise, its about $1000 for the water pump + thermostat + coolant + install. Some folks die early at about 20k miles or less... Others go on to 130k+ miles on the original pump... Just a roll of the dice.

Automatic transmission is suppose to be done at 100k, not sure when the front/rear diffs r done? Not sure when the Xdrive transfer case is done? Manual transmission is done every 30k miles i think??

Coolant i hear is for the lifetime of the pump.

HPFP is warranted for 10 years/120k miles
Turbos are warranted for 8 years/82k miles

Coils go bad randomly???
Fuel injectors go bad too, heard there was a recall too? These r pricy??
Carbon build up on intakes are common too, walnut blasting is about $400 + new gaskets for $50.

HVAC carbon filtered filters are $40, 6 screws and 5 minutes to DIY this one. Do this every one or two years.

New wiper blades, 5 minutes to DIY and i use the costco goodyear blades i get on sale for $4 (buy one/get one free).

Engine air filter, 5 minutes to DIY (5 quick release clips, lift cover, replace with new filter every 45k miles for $40, reverse to close up).

Run a fuel additive every 10k miles to clean out fuel injectors (techron or seafoam or any snake oil of ur choice).

The only insurance i would consider is the BMW wheel & tire protection (presence insurance) BUT only if u plan to keep the stock rims and stock RFT tires. Cuz i think each bent rim will be replaced and any nail/bubble in a RFT tire will get u a covered replacement new tire including mount and balancing. If u end up not liking the insurance... U can always get a prorated refund but u need to get this one at time of car purchase only... Can't be sold after the fact. Package should cost a little more then the cost of four new factory tires from Tire Rack. So after a bent soft bmw alloy wheel and a few nails... It pays for itself.

Not sure what else i missed??

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