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CKS Exhaust & Sprint Booster fitted (335d)

Well, I went to Watford yesterday and had my CAT back custom built exhaust fitted by CKS. I deleted the centre box and the 2 rear boxes and when I weighed them all at home it weighed 25KG's ! I don't know how much the new pipes weigh but it will be a lot less than that

Well with 25KGs in the boot and a full tank of VPower, the car felt quick. I must add at this point, while I was at CKS I also had them fit a "Sprint Booster.

1st the Exhaust:- A very nice sound improvement, in the car very little difference but in the Hindhead tunnel, on the way back, I got a chance to see what is sounded like and it's awesome (for a diesel). Its a deeper tone at idle and sporty sounding when flooring it through the gears. There is a slightly sportier soundd to be heard in the cabin but it is not intrusive at all.

2nd the Sprint booser:- I had this fitted as I once fitted one of these to an SLK AMG 32 I have and the difference was intense. The newer version has 3 settings (done on a switch) Standard, Green & RED. Red being the most aggressive.......yes it's in RED....all the time . In normal and sport mode on the bearbox it is still drivable around town but on the highway it is far more sensitive to changing down and the pick up is sharper in each gear. Standing starts will need a bit of practice as I hade the rear tires lit up the first couple of times in 1st and 2nd gear. When I did get some traction the "in gear" pick up in 1st and 2nd was much stronger than normal.

So an expensive day but a transformed car
335d MSport Coupe LCI:- 19" Apex EC-7's (8.5j ET35/9.5j ET33) Factory fitted Sunroof, BMW Perf Carbon Fibre:- Boot Spoiler, Mirrors & Front Lip Splitter, SSDD Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser, Roof Spoiler, Black Kidney Grills, Red Calpiers, CKS Custom Exhaust, Wagner FMIC, ITG Air Filter, Sprint Booster, Quaife LSD, Weicher front & rear strut brace, Forge charge pipe